starting from 899 PLN net!

We design your Image on the Internet.

We create modern websites that clearly present your business online and effectively help attract the attention of potential customers.

Much more Than the website.

Many years of experience, continuous improvement of knowledge and skills, as well as the use of the latest and most effective solutions allow us to offer services at the highest level.

Rocket is a proven and trusted company and our offer is a truly comprehensive solution that will allow you to exist online in an effective and attractive way.

Out-of-the-box Solutions.

Compared to most companies, at rocket each project is created without the use of templates, at 100% tailored to your business.

Unlimited Possibilities.

Our website designs do not limit you in any way in further expansion, we offer a wide range of extensions and integration of new capabilities.

Comprehensive offer, without overpaying.

We present an offer without complications, stress and unnecessary problems, a truly comprehensive offering designed with you and your business in mind.

Rocket means clear and transparent rules, minimum paperwork, an offer without any hidden costs along with the purchase, configuration and optimization of the server at no extra charge. 

One Page, Landing Page

Ideal for the start.

An ideal choice for getting started, it contains the most important information on the home page, divided into relevant sections and a call to action.

Great for smaller businesses and promoting one or a few products or services.

Implementation / 2 - 4 working days

Purchase and optimize the server

Custom Graphic Design

Modern Management System

Additional benefits package

as of 899 net


Presentation of a large offer.

An extensive website created for a company with specific requirements, wishing to present more information on multiple tabs.

Telling solution for medium and larger companies that want to Present a wider range of products or services.

Implementation / 5 - 7 working days

Purchase and optimize the server

Custom Graphic Design

Modern Management System

Additional benefits package

as of 1799 net

Online Shop

Simple Online Selling.

A comprehensive solution for quick and effective online sales.

Modern online store, individually prepared for your industry, including everything you need to effectively sell products online.

Implementation / 7 - 14 working days

Purchase and optimize the server

Custom Graphic Design

Modern Management System

Additional benefits package

as of 3299 net

Additional Benefits Package.

At Rocket, everything you need comes standard! Compared to most companies that often forget to mention the range of services and additional costs involved in launching and maintaining a website, we remember so that you do not have to worry about it.

We will take care of selecting the right domain, purchase, registration, SSL certificate, fast and stable SSD server with company email, full configuration and implementation, high-level security, instructional materials, help and technical support AND much more! at no extra charge.

Domain + SSL Certificate

Registration and installation


The adventure of any website begins with a domain. At Rocket, you will receive the registration and configuration of a .PL or .EU domain at no extra charge.


Nowadays even a required component of any website. It provides SSL encryption ( https:// ) and further secures the domain. The certificate involves additional costs for purchase and installation, at no extra charge at Rocket.

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SSD server in Poland

Fast and optimized


A key component of a fast and smoothly running website. Hosting will be specifically optimized for the best possible performance without incurring high server maintenance costs. Polish location of the server provides additional speed and responsiveness.

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Corporate Email

Professional spam-free mail


Professional mailbox on the company domain, without spam, with easy configuration and operation.

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Instructional Videos

Step-by-step instructions


Operating your website under complete control. Administration and updates to your website have never been so easy, with detailed instructional materials you will never again need the help of a programmer to operate your website.

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Data Security

Multi-level security features


The security of your site is a priority for us which we deliver as standard. Automatic backups are a reliable way to protect your site, and allow you to quickly restore your site to full performance if necessary.

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Technical Support

We are there when you need us


We provide comprehensive technical support, you can count on our help in case of any problems. At Rocket, we care about our customers and strive to respond promptly.

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Tailored to your industry.

Give yourself a competitive edge thanks to comprehensive, individually prepared solutions, which are designed to effectively support the operation of your business.

Industry solutions include a modern website and additional functionality that will help you acquire customers in a more thoughtful and innovative way while saving costs.

Multilingual website with A.I. automatic translation system.

Economy and simplicity of operation! A website automatically translated by artificial intelligence is a faster, cheaper and smarter solution for companies that want to present their offer in multiple languages.

For companies operating overseas

For companies in the content translation industry

For blogs and portals looking for wider reach

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A site with a built-in system for booking visits or stays.

Free yourself from the costs and commissions charged by portals such as Offer your customers a simple way to book appointments or stays directly on your company website, and yourself the ability to manage bookings in a simple, convenient and intuitive way.

Medical industry - patient registration

Travel industry - booking stays

Beauty and beauty industry - booking salon appointments

Catering industry - reservations for customers

as of

Extensive pages built from large databases, directories and repositories.

An amazing boost for SEO! With extensive database directories, you get free SEO on thousands of keywords which generates free website traffic and increased business visibility in search engines.

Automotive industry - power gain catalogs

Technology industry - product repositories

Travel industry - company base directories

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Visually elaborate designs, unusual specialized pages.

A unique solution thanks to which we can present a given message in a unique and visual way, drastically increasing the chances of our site being remembered by the viewer. This is an ideal way to stand out from among millions of similar websites.

each industry - unique presentation of the brand, product

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Professional, Effective, Comprehensive.

A proven company, not to be confused!

130+ Completed Projects

We have been successively providing top quality services to dozens of Polish and European companies for more than 10 years.

Regardless of the industry, we guarantee quality, professionalism, modern and effective solutions.

Unparalleled customer service.

See for yourself what it's like to work with a five-star company. We offer unparalleled owl-class customer service and solve any problems in no time, as evidenced by our customer reviews.

More than 10 years of experience.

For more than a decade, we continue to expand our knowledge and skills to provide you with the best and modern solutions using the latest technologies, trends and effective tools.

Why reach for the stars?
It's better to become one of them!

Contact us now for an effective solution for your business.